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PERSONAL SERVICES Executive coaching Interim CMO & CSO Start-up entrepreneur support Company change strategy One on one Marketing training Client presentation readiness LinkedIn personal Branding Add-on (*) Free service for specific non-profit organizations.

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From helping executive to focus, to support their company during transition or simply to make them visible and advertise on the web, I have successful help executives to meet their objective.

"Gilles Pipernos has helped me as a leader in several key respects: Consulting with Gilles has helped me think and act strategically in my leadership capacity. Gilles introduces key concepts that shape my thinking: e.g., finding value propositions for me and for my organization, the use of meaningful metrics for measurable goals and results.
Gilles listens and responds constructively to issues that I encounter in my work, using the particular question to impart approaches to leadership that have broader application. Gilles Pipernos encourages me to communicate the value of my work and positive attributes to my leadership in a tasteful but effective way.

Gilles has helped me exercise confident, non-anxious leadership, I am able to plan and assert leadership priorities more effectively while maintaining healthy relationships with my constituency.

Since consulting with Gilles, I find I am more decisive; more able to assert myself successfully but also a better listener. I find I am less distracted by extraneous issues and more focused on doing “my job.” As a result, my job satisfaction is high. Gilles helps me work more effectively from the heart of my values and commitments. I find this tremendously empowering and affirming. Being understood and offered Gilles’ insights keeps me resilient and ready to take on larger challenges." 

Non profit organization leader