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Hello entrepreneurs,

Our team’s combined experiences of fortune 500 companies and small companies assure you that we bring specific growth strategies, systems & processes to get to your Nnext step growth or start your business.

Deliverables range from getting your company registered, meeting a business lawyer, finding source of capital, selecting the right bank, writing a strategic and/or tactical plan, establishing processes such as cash flow forecasting, sales or project management, and creating brochures, websites, or e-mail/social network campaigns.

The people at 4Growth Consulting have delivered and implemented the same processes and became experts in their domains. For example, we have managed cash flow during good and bad time for our own companies, negotiating payment terms with clients and suppliers.

Similarly we have not only written Growth business plans but defended it in front of VCs/top executives to get funding.

We are hands-on and proud of it!