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We differentiate ourselve by proposing quantitative models to support each offer below. They rely on analysis, statistics and algorithms . Those models are easy to implement and are based on 20+ years of experience with large companies that spend $M to built them. Our value proposition is to bring these models to mid size companies and retaining 80% of the functionality for 20% of the costs.

Program management assessment needs

Reviewing program system:
Management controls
Client feedback and retention
Project costs and schedules
Risk management

Program management hiring and resources

Right resources are key to successful program management: Assessing staff to use program management tools
Recruiting and testing
Support integration in company

Program management plan

Setting up company-wide or department program plans: Planning, objective and goals
Resource plan
Schedule and time line plan
Quality and reporting plan
Costs target
Assessment methodology

Program management implementation

Step by step support of your implementation:
MS Project program creation
Identifying contractor (if necessary)
Company-wide Share Point program
Project tracking (costs, schedule, resource ...)
Change management if necessary
Client relation and communication

Program management training

From simple MS project to complex programming techniques: Identifying contractor (if necessary)
Basic "PMI" training
Management training
Risk identification and communication
Client relation management
MS Project training

Program management programing (VBA) for custom needs

Define company goals and objectives:
Executive staff buy-in
Identifying contractors (IT and program management)
IT costs and other costs
Presentation on new methodology
Detailed specifications
Management of implementation and programing
Management of costs
Management of testing and training