tag line
We differentiate ourselve by proposing quantitative models to support each offer below. They rely on analysis, statistics and algorithms . Those models are easy to implement and are based on 20+ years of experience with large companies that spend $M to built them. Our value proposition is to bring these models to mid size companies and retaining 80% of the functionality for 20% of the costs.

Strategy and Marketing plans

Plans includes at least the following:
Target market & market share
Strategy and objective
Competitive analysis
Product/service life cycle
Product feasibility analysis
Pricing analysis
Forecast and P&L projection
set of slides for executive presentation

Value Proposition

Value proposition model answer the following questions:
What is it that you want to market
Against whom
With which differentiation
In which price pocket and value based pricing strategy
For which physical or digital market place
With which goal in mind

New Product development & Management

New product analysis is based on the HP model and offers:
Adequation between value proposition and new product
Feature analysis in context of pricing, differentiation
Cost analysis
Feasibility analysis
Impact on current product line, cannibalization, obsolescence
Product/service life cycle
P&L impact and forecast
Set of slides for executive presentation

Pricing strategy

1% increase in revenue translate into 7% to your bottom line
Transaction pricing
Competitive pricing
Margin analysis
Feature and value based pricing
Impact of branding on price and methods

Digital Marketing Strategies

Combining strategic Marketing with in depth knowledge of digital marketing
On-line communication plan, strategy and target market
Differentiation and "bold" message
Integration into overall marketing strategy
On-line client and supplier's feedback management
Technical aspect of webbing (web, analytics, SEO etc ...)

Brochures and E-brochures

Combine both brochure and e-brochure for maximum impact
Brochure Objective and goals
Key message development
Story board
Picture or video creation and editing
text editing and copy writing
Page layout and design
Production and/or e-mail services