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We differentiate ourselve by proposing quantitative models to support each offer below. They rely on analysis, statistics and algorithms . Those models are easy to implement and are based on 20+ years of experience with large companies that spend $M to built them. Our value proposition is to bring these models to mid size companies and retaining 80% of the functionality for 20% of the costs.

Increasing RFQ/Win ratio

The key to rapid increase in revenue:
Review current status
Analysis of current win/loose ratio
Finding root causes and recommendations
Evaluating competitive ratios

Increase Sales productivity and CRM

Establishing a strong process:
Review current Selling process
Review methodology and system
Generic system vs custom
Analyze compliance with system
Select matrix to demonstrate increase in productivity
Introduce CRM process (if not in place)
Support selection of CRM process

Accurately forecast your sales & Marketing Synergy

Correlating Mkg and Sales forecast assures business continuity:
Understanding forecast methodology
Using 4Growth method to calculate accuracy
Review process and potential breakdown
Defining key elements to increase accuracy
Reviewing forecast reporting structure
Analyze Marketing forecast vs sales forecast
Understanding department synergy or lack of

Negotiation strategy to close deals

Last part of negotiation counts for 80% of decision making
Analyze current negotiation tactics
Review understanding of client & competition
Define ratio of business win/loss based on final negotiation
Review compliance with negotiation goals
Set up quantitative and qualitative negotiation support

Voice of the customer

Demonstrate (instead of telling ) to the client that you care:
Reviewing VoC current system
Mapping VoC point of interaction
Establishing data gathering technics
Using both six Sigma and 4Growth methodology
Client review system
Action and next step
On-going VoC system

Competitive selling strength assessment

In today fast pace, win or less will change competitive dynamic:
Reviewing competitive process using business cases
Main competitor mapping
Assessing point of strength and weaknesses Comparing client support methodology during selling process
Determining competitive selling advantage and how it is used
Closing the deal. Who has the advantage?
Follow-up and support strategy to retain client